Gleam GuardTM  Serving with excellence since 1987


Cabinets and All Other Woodwork

Residential Guarantee

Cabinets, paneling, baseboards, doors, door frames and window frames

We promise that your final finish will stay as shiny as the day it was originally applied for 5 years - with the following exceptions:

1. Fire or water damage
2. Floors
3. Smoking in the house
4. Scratches/nicks
5. Oiling or Waxing off the finish

Commercial Guarantee

Interior woodwork treated with the Gleam Guard system is guaranteed unconditionally to stay shiny and easy to clean:

* Public areas - 6 month guarantee*

* Paneling, molding and trim - 1 year guarantee*

* Hotel/Apartment Cabinets - 1 year up-gradable guarantee*