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Cabinets and All Other Woodwork

Our Clients Say. . .

"We had the woodwork in our home done several years ago and now I've had my office paneling, cabinets and shelves done." ~ Vincent Thomas, TESCORP

Light Stained Door
"Easy to Clean"

"It's very easy to clean. I rate it high for quality and value. I still get comments from my friends." ~ Amanda Sellers - Tulsa

"It makes it very easy to clean your cabinets. My housekeeper loves you!" ~ Daffney Brooks - Tulsa

"My cabinets are 32 years old. After Gleam Guard, I use nothing but water to clean them with and they look beautiful." ~ Mrs. Williams - Tulsa

"There is very little maintenance to it. It's very easy to clean." ~ Delores Zampino - Tulsa

"Beauty and Value"

"The best money I've ever spent." ~ Darlene Davis

"Inexpensive for the outcome. It's like a face lift for your wood work." ~ Sherry Fogaley - Tulsa

"I'm so happy with Gleam Guard that I've been telling everyone I know and now I'm making money by just showing them my cabinets. It's Great!" ~ Dru Johnson - Tulsa

"It's a real neat process. It's a great value and the quality is excellent. It made my cabinets look like new." ~ Chris Maupin - Broken Arrow

"Gleam Guard does high quality work. I would recommend it to anyone. I'm very satisfied." ~ Deana Pierce - Tulsa

"Gleam Guard is convenient and trustworthy. It's worth recommending. Toothpaste came right off without bleaching the wood. Thank you!" ~ Terry McAuliff - Broken Arrow

"Long Lasting"

"The Gleam Guard treatment on the cabinets in our rental property still looks great after 10 years - even after the rest of the house was trashed." ~ Herb Kopanke

"He did a great job, and we're very satisfied. My wife passes out your business cards all the time. You created a real problem for yourselves, didn't you? It's too easy to maintain (Ha ha). If people knew what your stuff does for wood, they wouldn't be painting their cabinets these days." ~ Mr. Donald Simons - Tulsa

"It looks as good as it did when I had it done a little over a year ago." ~ Mr. Chuck Kays - Tulsa

"I am very pleased and have no need for a maintenance plan." ~ Mrs. Auvern Raatz - Tulsa

"To this day, I'm still very satisfied. I've had no need for touch ups." ~ Mrs. Long - Tulsa

When surveyed, 93% of our residential clients saw no need for any follow-up maintenance - up to 5 years later! Those who desired maintenance, needed touch-ups for nicks and scratches - not peeling, chipping or dulling of the finish.